About Yacht Recycling News

This is a news magazine and a documentation site, two in one. It exists to collect and offer fresh information about yacht recycling. More precisely, about

– the technical and economic feasibility of yacht recycling,
– potentials and challenges when building up yacht recycling as a profitable and sustainable business sector,
– who is already active in this field and which cooperations do exist
– related event, past and upcoming ones plus
– a bunch of social media specifically related to yacht recycling.

The site was started up as part of a research project, in 2011. By Mele Coronato who created and maintains the site. I’m a communication professional based in The Netherlands, at the IJsselmeer. Here is more information about my background – or here.  It was during my environmental studies in 2011 when I first started researching about potentials and challenges of yacht recycling. Every student had to produce a sustainable innovation type of business case and was given free topic choice. Living at the IJsselmeer, loving the sea and sailing boats, my decision was quick and easy. Yacht recycling keeps me busy since then.

In my view there are great potentials for yacht recycling. Not only is time perfectly ripe for such an industry branch. If funded well initially and built up sustainably, many valid jobs could be created too, especially in coastal regions where people often don’t have too many subsistence options. At the same time, sustainable yacht dismantling and recycling certainly would mean smart environmental protection for generations to come.

When I started up not much was visibly moving yet, in this young landscape of an industry branch which still has to create itself. Meanwhile that has changed a lot. Projects have passed their experimental stage, fibreglass recycling techniques are being developed further, yacht dismantling stations have been built up – and some of the financially and politically bigger  key players of the maritime world got interested. What also happens now that everybody is waking up: A race bureaucrats against practitioners against time, like it happens in every field of innovation when sufficient dots have connected and momentum has set in: Granted, in an upcoming industry many procedures must be regulated in order to get works done well. The challenge here is the same as in any other industry: Regulations and policies, essential as they are, should neither suffocate innovation nor prevent smaller, flexible businesses to participate in the upcoming markets. The nautical landscape now is most intriguing to watch. Will yacht recycling manage to establish real sustainable structures and services, environmentally, economically and socially speaking? Bets are accepted!

Watch this space for updates. And don’t forget to check the social media portals specific to this topic – they’ll connect you directly to people and organisations active in the field.  See the links at top page!

Your feedback is most welcome, any time.

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