The Presentation Slides: ‘The Future of Yacht Recycling’ Amsterdam 2015

Without further ado, here below they are!
The presentations given at the Future of Yacht Recycling Conference at 16 November 2015, Amsterdam RAI.
In order of their speaker’ s appearance during the conference:

Geert Dijks – HISWA
Welcome speech from the senior representative of the Dutch Water Sports Industry.

Carla Demaria-UCINA
Why the global yachting industry has to seriously engage in the process of dismantling and responsibly recycling the boats of yesterday, in order to make way for the boats of tomorrow.

Roberto Perochio – Chairman ICOMIA Marias group
(Presenting the background on how marinas are being affected.)

Mirna Cieniewicz – Secretary General, European Boating Industry
(Presenting the Boat DIGEST EU ‘Boat Dismantling Insight’ Project.)

Albert Willemsen – ICOMIA Environmental Specialist
(Presenting an overview on regulatory compliance past, present and future.)

Brian Clark – (A brief review of national ELB initiatives in Japan and Norway)

Jose Luis Fayos – Technical Consultant, ANEN. (Spanish Nautical Business Association
(Presenting a viewpoint on experience of ELB’s in Spain.)

Pierre Barbleu – Manager APER France, Boat Dismantling Network

Dr Frank Stuer-Lauridsen – Litehauz Aps, Denmark

Antimo Di Martino – UCINA

Enrico Benco – GS4C (Go Sailing, for a Change.)
Boat design for dis-assembly using all sustainable materials.

Gert-Jan van der Have and Arie de Jong – ARN Advisory

Jeroen van den Heuvel – HISWA

Willem Dekker – Chairman, European Boating Association

Paul Gramsma – Extreme-Eco Solutions

Boj van Baars – Stichting Yacht Recycling, Netherlands
Stichting Yacht Recycling, Netherlands

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