Composites Market Report 2015: Some useful recent figures

For those of us always looking for exact figures and well written overviews to work with, here is  another report worth a closer look: The Composites Market Report 2015 came out recently, published by Composites Germany, a young organisation. It is their 4th report of this kind – the previous ones can be found here.

Download the 2015 report directly here. 44 pages.

This report specifies the data provided per application industry, manufacturer and per country. It also is subdivided into 2 sections, GRP and Carbon Fibre markets. Also, note their fine explanation of terms (page 24), vital for a good understanding of all the figures: “The report’s growth rate calculations all are based on the so called Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) = annual growth rate between n years, assuming a constant growth in percentage terms.” Why they used this method and what the difference is between that method and the one called Averaged Annual Growth Rate (AAGR), is clearly laid out, too.

Who is behind Composites Germany? Brief quote from their website:
“The four strongest organizations in the German fiber composite industry founded a joint umbrella group on the 18th of July 2013: In the future they will form the trade association “Composites Germany”. Founding members of Composites Germany, headquartered in Berlin, are AVK- Federation of Reinforced Plastics e.V. (AVK), Carbon Composites e.V. (CCeV), CFK Valley Stade e.V. (CFK-Valley) and Forum Composite Technology in the VDMA (VDMA)….The member organizations keep their independence. Especially for the future oriented themes high performance composites and automated production technology which are particularly relevant in Germany, the power will be bundled.” Composites Germany also is a member of the European Composites Industry Association (EUCIA).

The same Composites Germany meanwhile also started a very special cooperation with DIN, the German Institute for Standardization. Verbatim quote from the DIN site, freely translated from German (source is here):

Welcome to the standardization portal COMPOSITES

On this page, the economic association Composites Germany in cooperation with DIN will present all the norms and standards regarding fibre-reinforced plastics (FVK) which currently are published or in the process of being elaborated.

In this context, national (DIN) norms and standards will be registered and presented as well as European (CEN, CENELEC) and international ones (ISO, IEC). To the extent where these apply to fibre-reinforced plastics, their raw materials and semi-manufactured products.

Your contact person:
DIN e. V.
Mr. Yavuz Anik

Am DIN-Platz
Burggrafenstr. 6
10787 Berlin


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