Any good funding proposal lives by credible financial figures.
The costs for setting up a sustainable dismantling facility vary a lot. In the densely populated  Netherlands for instance, ground prices see huge differences between one region and another. Consequently, it makes no sense to expect costs for such a facility to be universally valid. Same goes for staff, equipment, approvals and local services. But general lists can be produced which then allow  respective realistic price calculations to be made on local scale:

Dismantling site features (hall, machinery, staff, equipment, supply) – here is an example: yacht_dismantling_site_features
Materials to be extracted – quantities per yacht type
Components to be extracted – quantity per yacht type
Working times per procedure step

That way an idea can be formed about costs versus resources. Transportation is one important factor coming in, for instance. Certainly where it must happen via road, on a trailer. Road transportation of yachts thus far is very expensive. If yacht recycling shall be made attractive, financial support of yacht transport must be offered, too.

All the calculations done, a rather clear idea should emerge about how much could be gained from dismantling one single yacht. And how many yachts per year must become available for dismantling, so that a facility can become profitable. Detracting Dutch public holidays from total working days, for my study project at the time I had calculated about 74 yachts per year, to be dismantled at a location inside NL, at the water.  It quickly became apparent that initial funding would be vital. The good news of course is that the dismantling work itself is not super complicated to do.  The skills can be trained rather easily. It appears to require some special machinery though,  to extract composite materials in a recyclable condition.

So far the initial brainstorming. Much more will be added – details on material and components, their average quantities to extract per yacht and the prices to be paid for each.

What do you think of the above? Let me know: