Crowdfunded yachtrecycling

Crowdfunded yachtrecycling in April 2014 still is a very unusual combination for sure. But is is a crazy idea? Let’s give it some more time I suggest. As funding method, crowdfunding deserves an extra space here: In recent years it has become such an impressive movement, with countless little niche markets coming up.

“Crowd-what?”, asks a portal which is a good start into the topic: The crowdfundamentals. It explains what crowdfunding is all about. And it suggests which social media types might be most appropriate to crowd-fund a given sort of project. Includes a useful crowdfunding glossary, too.

Then there are many, many dedicated portals meanwhile.
Here is a first selection: Greencrowd, based in the Dutch city of Arnhem, specialises in sustainable business ideas. Not to be confounded with “The Green Crowd” which is available for both Australia and US based projects. Here are 10 more portals.

Also, Forbes magazine recommends “Eight crowdfunding portals for social entrepreneurs” worth a closer look. Same magazine, related note: “Why crowdfunding entrepreneurs predict more good in the world in 2014”.

Indeed, crowdfunding could and does mix some cards completely new in various industries: Read here “How crowdfunding could revolutionize solar“.

Looking for real crowdfunding success stories? Here is one: “Dutch wind turbine purchase sets world crowdfunding record”. And since a lot is moving in this special  world, the first ‘lessons learned’ reports begin to show up, too: Green Tech solar presents “4 Lessons learned from solar crowdfunding“.

So far for the green renewable energies sector which happens to be another young industry.  In my view, the leap to the nautical world and yacht recycling is all but an impossible one. Would you agree?


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