EU tools for SME

As small or medium-sized organisation, how to access these EU grant programmes and how to write a winning proposal? Respective regulations abound, guidance can’t hurt. Following below are some EU tools for SME, for small and medium-sized enterprises. For instance, here is what the EU Commission website offers as first step: A quick guide to funding.

A bit more pages…44 precisely, has the Beginners guide to EU funding. Main reference here is the 2007-2013 timeframe yet much of its basics will still be applicable to the current programmes.

Then there is the European regional development fund (ERDF), “…the largest EU financial instrument for SMEs – supports small firms through co-financing activities in a wide range of areas. The programmes are managed and implemented by the Member States.”

Here the FP7 and H2020 Framework programme reference documents. Includes the H2020 online handbook and model grant agreements.


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