Free Global Nautical Green Business Directory – growing as you read!

Here is a new free resource: A very specific nautical business directory which includes yacht recycling.

Quick background:
My years of researching information about both yacht recycling and eco-friendly sailing thus far resulted in a wealth of information sources. As many of you know, time ago I set up two websites where I present part of my information: and

Sorting and writing the contents for those sites, I kept missing an important option: Being able to present just addresses and short descriptions of a given product or service – very brief and possibly in an international overview. For those of us who just want to know, for instance: Who recycles aluminium? Who transports my ship? Where do I buy solar panels?

Along came the WordPress Directory Theme which appears to fit such a purpose just fine! So after some testing I started to pack big part of my data in a specific business directory: Sailors21 Business Directory – sustainable products and services for recreational yachting worldwide.

It’s a work in progress which has just begun. 3 main categories: Products, Services and Special Cooperations.
Sub-categories range from “green” yacht design, renewable energy aboard to yacht recycling. A brief intro about the background is here.

And here is an invitation for you: Want to appear there as well?
You can submit information about your company or organisation for free including logo, promotional text plus various media like images and videos. Perfect if you do that since my intention is to build up a fine database packed with relevant, reliable industry information. You in turn get some free promotion, on a platform planned to become very visible. Two possible ways to contribute your data:

1) Fresh from the source = you: Click on “Add Listing“. Register, save.
2) Claim existing data as pertaining to your organisation: Visiting the portal you’ll see that I put in various company data. If you see your own company or organisation among the listings you got 3 options: a) Like what yo see? “Claim” the listing as yours by registering and start editing your own data. Alternative aka plan b) Inform me of anything you’d like to add, send me the data and I’ll make sure it appears at the right place. c) Prefer not to be included with your data on this portal? Just let me know via e-mail, a brief info is enough and I’ll quickly remove any data from your company or organisation.

Also, I welcome your feedback about the structure. Which by now is still very flexible. WordPress as you might be aware is a most impressive animal, with zillions of features. Their fascinating business directories are no exception.

Thus far, is it great working on this and seeing the directory coming together, with Google Maps as a fine additional tool.

So have a look and tell me what you think – looking forward to your feedback!

s21_bdThe Google Maps view.



The categories right underneath the map.


s21_bd2The clickable listings, leading to….


…the listing itself with it’s various detail views – here 2 additional ones:

  listing_p2    listing_p3

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