How many yachts?

About how many boats are we talking? How many yachts would there be for recycling, potentially, and when? Obviously this varies from country to country and more in-detail assessments are still being done. In the meantime, here is a useful first overview.

According to an ICOMIA [1] report (2008) about boat decommissioning, estimated numbers look like this – quoting the report:

“Although statistics are far from complete, it is estimated that within the EU only, there are about 6.0 million recreational craft and that some 32 million people participate in leisure boating per annum. The market continues to expand, and within the EU an average growth rate of between 5% and 6% is to be anticipated in the years to come. In the USA the estimated number of recreational craft is some 16,4 million, and the Australian figure is about 750.000. If the common ratio of user to boats is the same in Australia and the US as in Europe, the number of people participating in boating in these areas probably exceeds 125 million. Although a number of vessels are constructed from traditional materials like metal and wood, FRP has been totally dominant in the mass market during the last decades.”

Impressive numbers. If organised sustainably and funded well, besides the most obvious environmental benefits sustainable yacht recycling could also translate into decent work opportunities for many different people, for years to come.

Here is the complete ICOMIA report.

Two country examples:
For Finland the same report says: “there are almost 750,000 recreational boats in Finland, about 3000 of which are decommissioned each year.’

France, according to this report presented at the Boot 2014 sub conference:
991 573 registered boats (95 % of 24m) August 31, 2011, with 16 319 new registrations.
546 000 registered recreational boats are active; of which 386 000 (- 6m) and 160 000 (+ 6m).
Average age of boats in 2008: 23 years. 13 000 boats arrive at the end of life every year.

International Council of Marine Industry Associations (ICOMIA). Globally active as voice of the recreational boating industry.

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