How should yacht recycling work?

How should yacht recycling work? What are the challenges?

Yacht recycling starts with sustainable sailyacht or motoryacht dismantling.
Sustainable dismantling of yachts at their end of life happens in such a way that the yacht gets completely disintegrated in an environmentally safe way and all components and materials are properly taken care of. This includes appropriate treatment during dismantling of all substances which are potentially harmful to people and the environment, such as cooling liquids, oil, fuel, mercury. ‘Proper care’ also entails to ensure that after dismantling, yacht components and materials do not just end up in landfills or, worse, just lay rotting somewhere in the open landscape.

The entire process, from transport to the dismantling facility to recycling, should happen in a way which ensures that

  • ecological footprint is minimised.

  • dismantling and disposal works take place in a suitable location and with appropriate tools.

  • neither during nor after dismantling, harmful substances are left to pollute the environment.

  • resources are smartly used instead of depleted and

  • the service creates – or, through cooperation, supports existing – income sources for local people in a responsible manner.

The capacity for yacht components to be recycled calls for intelligent dismantling methods.
More precisely, services towards recycling should include

  • transport of the boats from their original place to the dismantling facility. Once there,
  • complete dismantling of sailing ships according to current regulations (environmental, safety, etc.).
  • storage of remaining components in suitable areas; from there,
  • sale of these to interested instances for re-use / refitting. Sale shall also happen via a specific web portal  where extracted components get described and presented with photographs. Via the same portal, people can send through specific component inquiries.
  • transport of all recyclable components to specialised recycling firms. Or retrieval of components and materials from the dismantling site, by the recycling firms.

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