Key challenges

The main challenges with yacht recycling, in brief, are these:

Extracting sufficient material in conditions which allow to recycle them: Clean materials and components. A main challenge here is an extremely resistant, concurrently light-weighted material used in most modern yachts: The glass reinforced polyester, so called fibreglass. It requires special techniques, equipment and treatment to get it recycled.
Also: Finding the most suitable equipment. Example: Cutting machines which isolate a given component without creating too much damages, avoiding excessive noise.

Minimising environmental damages while working. This includes noise generated during dismantling, leakage of toxic substances freed during dismantling, and other.
Minimising health risks for working staff during dismantling.

Financial / Funding

Affordable transportation for yachts to a dismantling site. Yacht transportation via roads is still an expensive service.
Funding for setting up dismantling halls in a sustainable way. Includes equipment and facilities.
After dismantling, gaining good prices for the extracted materials and components. these are known to fluctuate; minimum prices should be guaranteed.
This set of factors already calls for a valid funding framework, to provide operability for businesses in that new branch.

Policy changes / Legislation
Environmental laws to be introduced should be complemented by public funding for creating the dismantling and recycling structures.
Providing incentives for yacht owners to make them consider yacht recycling at all. Including marina managers. One solution here might be a one-time fee already entailed in the yacht acquisition price. It is very common in The Netherlands with computers in our days. And it eliminates the need to dump a yacht some place out of nowhere, just to avoid disposal fees.

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