The legal side.

Talking about the famous new EU recreational craft directive, here it is:
The directive text: 94/25/EC and here the website of The Recreational Craft Sectoral Group (RSG) which “has been established to assist in the uniform application and interpretation of the Recreational Craft Directive (RCD) by all Notified Bodies and others parties with valid interest.” Proceeding from there, via some jungle paths, I found this document: The Standards catalogue #47, Shipbuilding and Marine Structures” including “small craft”(47080). Relevant to the new directive.

Also, the European Boating industry published “a quick guide to compliance under the EU Recreational Craft Directive“.  3 pages; written besides other, for importers and / or distributors of pleasure craft since “Under the Directive, any boat falling under its scope (whether new or second-hand) and placed on the EU market for the first time after 1998 must comply with the essential requirements as set out in the annexes to the Directive. These cover technical, safety and environmental specifications.” (quote from the guide text).

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