Fibreglass recycling

This section is dedicated specifically to fibreglass or GRP recycling, a key topic with yacht recycling everywhere. Sustainability and  profitability of yacht recycling heavily depend on fibreglass becoming recyclable at affordable costs –  and with technically viable methods. Specifically, these questions keep coming up:

Is it called fiberglass, fibreglass, GRP, FRP or FGRP?
Can fibreglass get recycled, in 2015, yes or no?
How exactly does fibreglass get recycled?
Are these procedures eco-friendly,  “green”?
What use can be made of recycled fibreglass?
Who recycles fibreglass today, and where?
Are there equivalent alternatives to fibreglass?
Difference between fibreglass and carbon fibre?
Obstacles to large scale, profitable fibreglass recycling?


Click on each question to get to the respective sub-section. As always your comments and feedback are most welcome. Also, here is a list of fibreglass specific information sources I partly used.


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