Obstacles to large scale, profitable fibreglass recycling?

What stands in the way of large scale, profitable fibreglass recycling?
Short answer: Recycling volumes, current legislation in most countries – and funding.

Stella Job lays it out in her article Recycling glass fibre reinforced composites – history and progress:  “The recycling process supported by EuCIA, and available in Germany, involves the addition of GRP waste to cement kilns. This gains value from all parts of the composite and is commercially active in Germany… However there is still a significant gate fee for the process. In Germany regulations leave no option to landfill so the volumes of GRP waste are sufficient to justify such a process. Composite manufacturers such as Fiberline in Denmark have supported that process, being close enough to take advantage of it. But this route reduces the value of the material to that of calcium carbonate and at present is not economic compared to landfill where landfill is an option.”

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