The potentials

Sustainable recycling of sailing and motor yachts is possible now: A new nautical industry branch is coming up. Great potentials,  some equally great challenges. Which ones? Learn about it here!

Here the potentials of recycling sailing or motor yachts:

Any already existing nautical business offering yacht transportation, yacht dismantling or crane services for yachts, to name just a few, will very likely see an increase in work with organised recycling facilities and -procedures. Same goes for resellers of all those ship components which are unsuitable for recycling – but still are very useful on other ships.  More 2nd hand components will get into circulation with systematic yacht dismantling. While preparing yacht materials and components for recycling, many components can be put aside for re-selling. Side-effect of this longer use of yacht components might be a smarter resource usage when it comes to production of new components.

Stable and suitable funding provided, facilities dedicated for preparing yacht components for recycling will create a variety of new jobs. Especially in coastal regions and including administrative and technical jobs, for instance when yachts get registered, the dismantling /recycling procedures documented, staff trained, work planned and supervised, machinery procured, maintained and repaired, knowledge transferred across countries and so on.

A nasty environmental problem we are currently blessing our blue marble with, will get resolved and avoided altogether for the future by sustainable yacht recycling: Landscapes will contain less illegally dumped yachts, marina areas will be freed, toxic substances deriving form old yachts won’t leak any more into waters and grounds.

What do you think of the above? Let me know: