Site Requirements

Technical requirements and preparation.

 1. Sailyacht transportation

Two main transportation methods are possible: Via road or via water.
Many firms are specialised in one or both methods already. Transportation via waterways appears the more environmentally friendly option and will be used wherever possible. Depends on the conditions of the yacht.


2. Manpower and environmental safety

is given when works are performed without harmful substances leaking into the environment, or injuries to happen. Manpower safety comes with sufficient space for moving, protective gear worn during works, aspiration of dust and other fine substances before workers inhale it. This latter is guaranteed by the use of industrial dust aspirators which will be present during dismantling works. Workers operating the dismantling tools obviously will be sufficiently qualified to do so which means, they will have done specialised preparation courses.

The hall features will include a first aid station, a canteen, sanitary facilities. The hall will be big and spacious enough for two sailyachts at a time to be brought in and dismantled, side by side. With enough space between them for workers to move safely.

3. Extraction of components and materials

The substances listed here below are potentially harmful to people and nature. Their leakage will therefore avoided wherever possible:


Battery liquids

Refrigerant liquids



Fine dust

Tanks will be emptied, fuels caught in suitable bowls and cases, toxic materials will be carefully removed.

4. Tools and equipment

For transportation:

One crane for lifting sailyachts out of the water or from a truck.

Two electrical forklifts, 5 ton carrying capacity each, for transporting components.

For cutting and dismantling: Two complete sets of general dismantling tools. Containing, besides other, cutting saws and angular grinders.

Two industrial dust aspirators.

5. Hall features

Minimum entrance width: 6 m

Minimum length: 15 m

Minimum hall width: 20 m

Total hall area: 300 m2


6. Cleaning area features

This area features cleaning basins, a high pressure cleaner, running water an downpipes for discharge water, and a dry area.

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